The IO Profiler™ is an abridged metric tool that allows individuals to assess his/her company’s information capabilities and business performance. 

The IO Profiler™ is administered online through a secure website and is available in English, French, German and Spanish. Each participating manager receives a personal login number, which he/she uses to complete the IO Profiler™. All individual responses to the diagnostic remain anonymous and confidential. The IO Profiler™ includes:

IO snapshot (tm) - presents a graphic analysis of an individual's assessment of their company's information capabilities and business performance.

IO profiler report (tm) - provides information on how to interpret the IO Snapshot™ and offers standard prescriptives.

IO snapshot plot (tm) - shows the placement of teams and individuals by code on the enterpriseIQ® benchmark graphic.



The IO Profiler PS™ is a new metric tool developed specifically for government agencies, non-profit organizations and health and services institutions senior managers in the area of information and knowledge use. Administered on-line, the IO Profiler PS includes:

IO snapshot (tm) - displays the ranking of managers’ responses to the IO Profiler PS™ relative to the enterpriseIQ® international benchmark database.

IO profiler report (tm) - identifies the position of an organization, department, division, teams, or individuals relative to the average of our international benchmark database relating to information orientation and organization performance.

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