Our core product is the Information Orientation (IO) Diagnostic™, a tool that measures company effectiveness in using its information and knowledge. The IO Diagnostic™ has been rigorously tested to validate its accuracy and is used by managers to assess their company in seven key areas:

current and future corporate strategy

business performance

information capabilities

information management

employee and management behaviors and values impacting information use

information technology (IT), and

use of information for future business success.

Following a planning meeting, the IO Diagnostic™ is easily administered via a secure website. Each participant receives a personal login number, which he/she uses to complete the IO Diagnostic™. The IO Diagnostic™, which consists of 118 questions, can be completed within 40 minutes. All individual responses to the diagnostic remain anonymous and confidential. The IO Diagnostic™ is available in English, French, German and Spanish.

Three Graphic Analysis Reports:

IO dashboard ™ IO benchmark plot ™ IO strategy scan ™


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