enterpriseIQ® offers statistically validated, cutting-edge business measurement techniques in information and knowledge management.

enterpriseIQ® will maintain its leadership by involving renowned academic experts in ongoing research activities and by publishing results for public scrutiny.

enterpriseIQ® research will continue to address corporate demand for scientific diagnostics that solve relevant business problems.

Recent Research Projects

The Novartis’ SMS for Life Project: How the CIO Can Generate Innovative and Sustainable Value in the Communities the Company Serves”, by Donald A. Marchand and Jim Barrington, (August 31, 2012), 21 pages, was awarded first place in the SIM Paper Awards Competition 2012. SIM -- Society for Information Management-- is the largest association of CIOs in the USA.

enterprise IQ®, Capgemini Consulting SAS and CIGREF release Global CIO Report – Harnessing Information Value: Could you be a digital winner?

This report addresses the question of how a business can create value through its deployment of IT and the effective usage of information.

To order copies contact*: info@marchandManagement.com

The question was asked: How do non-IT senior executives judge the value of IT? It is answered in the research report created for SIM's Advanced Practices Council (APC) by Dr. Donald A. Marchand and Dr. William J. Kettinger. The report provides a framework for understanding IT's role in creating business value


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