November 2015
Don Marchand keynotes the International CFO/HR Directors Forum in November in Singapore.

June 2015
Don Marchand will co-direct a new IMD Program “Leading Digital Business Transformation” in Lausanne, Switzerland on September 28 – October 2, 2015. The program will also be offered in Singapore on November 23 – 27, 2015.

May 2015
Don Marchand co-directed the second IMD Discovery event on Digital Business Transformation, May 20 - 21, 2015. The topic was “Digital Business Transformation: Creating Opportunities, Defending against Digital Disruption. Over 120 persons attended the program.

April 2015
Don Marchand conducted IMD Business Forums on Digital Business Transformation in Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia during April and May 2015.

April 2014
“Leadership mindsets for IT success” by Donald A. Marchand and Joe Peppard was published in The European Business Review.

January 2014
“Avoiding the Schizophrenic IT Organization” by Donald A. Marchand and Joe Peppard, was published in Harvard Business Review’s Insight Center publication – Reinventing Corporate IT.

July – August 2013
Donald Marchand and Joe Peppard contributed two blogs to HBR On-Line FORUM: “Enterprise IT”: “IT cannot be only the CIO’s responsibility” and “Avoiding the schizophrenic IT Organization”.

January 2013
“Why IT Fumbles Analytics”, by Donald A. Marchand and Joe Peppard, was published in the January-February, 2013 issue of Harvard Business Review. The article was released in PDF and paper copy on December 21, 2012.

January 2013
The Financial Times featured the Novartis’ SMS for Life Project as a case study co-authored by Don Marchand on applying expertise to a new field by describing how a CIO led a new way to distribute drugs.

August 2012
“Novartis’ SMS for Life Project: How the CIO Can Generate Innovative and Sustainable Value in the Communities the Company Serves”, by Donald A. Marchand and Jim Barrington, August 31, 2012 won First Place in the SIM Paper Awards Competition 2012. SIM—Society for Information Management-- is the largest association of CIOs in the USA.

April 2012
enterpriseIQ® Chairman and Professor Donald Marchand directed the third successful IMD CIO Roundtable on the IMD campus in April 2012.

September 2011
Donald Marchand was interviewed by Gartner Executive Programs on the subject of “Empowering the enterprise with a culture of transparency”.

April 2011
The Wall Street Journal has published a positive review that describes the concept of “information orientation” and how it produces better organizational performance. Based on a substantial research study, it states that it’s undeniably formulaic. However, the reviewer believes the formula advocated is right on, and any CIO would benefit from trying to apply it.

July 2010
Dr. Donald A. Marchand, IMD Professor of Strategy Execution and Information Management and Chairman of enterpriseIQ® will keynote Incontri ICT 2010 to be held in Stresa, Italy in July 2010. The focus of the 10th anniversary event will be based on the real essence of IT value and on the best practices of its creation and communication. Beyond the traditional pressures of the cost related equation, the new CIO not only should be able to align the IT function to the company business (which is considered a prerequisite for value creation) but also be perceived as one of the most important innovation engines, supplying competitive tools to the company products/services/processes.

April 2010
enterpriseIQ® Chairman and Professor Donald Marchand is directing the first-ever IMD CIO Roundtable on the IMD campus from April 12 – 13, 2010. The theme of the 2010 CIO Roundtable will be “Leveraging the Business Value of the ‘I’ in IT: The Business Partnership Challenge”. Along with Professor Marchand, Martin Petry, CIO of The Hilti Corporation, and Jim Barrington, former Group CIO of Novartis and Program Director of the Partnership Initiative “SMS for Life”, will share their respective insights.

January 2010
enterpriseIQ® has collaborated on the fourth annual report with Capgemini Consulting and CIGREF, a prominent French organization that promotes the effective use of information to create value for enterprises. The aim of the recently released 2009 report was to shed light on the value creation that the usage of information and technology can bring to a company. It highlights the maturity of IT function practices throughout the world and evaluates the potential value that a company can gain through the effective deployment of IT systems and the use of information.

December 2009
enterpriseIQ® has announced the appointment of Eric R. Monnoyer as President. In announcing the appointment, Dr. Donald A. Marchand, Professor of Strategy Execution and Information Management at IMD and Chairman of enterpriseIQ® said: “Eric Monnoyer brings many years of experience working with CIOs and understands the importance of information usage to achieving business value from IT project deployments. We are extremely pleased that he has chosen to join enterpriseIQ® as we move forward to develop continued awareness and help more companies improve their capabilities and performance through the effective use of information, knowledge and IT.”

Mr. Monnoyer is based in Paris and has over twenty years of senior experience with major consultancies including Partner with Accenture and Principal with McKinsey & Company during which time he co-authored several articles including “What IT Leaders Do” in The McKinsey Quarterly, August 2005. Most recently, he served as Vice President and Global Leader of the Technology Transformation Unit at Capgemini Consulting.

June 2009
Don Marchand will lead the first CIO Roundtable Event to be held at IMD, one of Europe’s leading business schools, on April 12-13 2010.

May 2009
enterpriseIQ® is joining with its partner. Capgemini Consulting SAS to conduct the Global CIO Report 2009.

April 2009
Don Marchand and Professor Joe Peppard, Director of the IS Research Center at Cranfield University, facilitated the IMD Discovery Event, “Design to Fail: Why IT-enabled Business Projects Underachieve and What to Do About Them” in Lausanne, Switzerland.

November 2008
enterpriseIQ® is pleased to announce that all of its web-based Information Orientation IO) measurement products are now available in English, French and German.

September 2008
enterpriseIQ® and Capgemini Consulting SAS have signed partnership agreement. Capgemini Consulting is the strategy and transformation consulting division of the Capgemini Group, with a team of over 4,000 consultants worldwide. Leveraging its deep sector and business expertise, Capgemini Consulting advises and supports organizations in transforming their business from strategy through to execution. Working side by side with its clients, Capgemini Consulting crafts innovative strategies and transformation roadmaps to deliver sustainable performance improvement.

June 2007
Don Marchand was the keynote speaker at the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) hosted by the Information Institute at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

July 2006
Don Marchand was a featured speaker at the McKinsey EM College in Cambridge, England

March 2006
Don Marchand was a featured speaker at the European Research Board, an elite CIO group, held in London.

February 2006
Don Marchand was a featured speaker at the widely publicized Leaders Forum held in Helsinki, Finland.

January 2006
Don Marchand presented the Information Orientation (IO) framework to hundreds of corporate executives and MBA students as a guest of the Indian Institute for Planning and Management (IIPM).  Workshops were conducted in Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai.

June 2005
Don Marchand was the featured speaker at the Gartner EXP CIO Exchange held on June 15 & 16, 2005 in Egham, Surrey, United Kingdom.

April 2005
enterpriseIQ® has established an alliance partnership agreement with Capco, the leading global provider of integrated consulting, processing services and products, engineered by financial services experts exclusively for the financial services industry. The skills of Capco and the proven diagnostics of enterpriseIQ® provide information effectiveness and performance measurement, management and implementation tools that are unique and significant.

March 2005
The third anniversary special section of The Smart Manager, India's world class business magazine features the article "Competing through Information Management and Technology" by Dr. Donald A. Marchand.

February 2005
IMD International, Europe's leading business school, has published a new Perspectives for Managers by Donald A. Marchand entitled "Reaping the business value of IT: Focus on usage, not just deployment, to optimize payback".

October 2004
Pearson Education Taiwan Ltd. has published a Chinese edition of Mastering Information Management edited by Donald A. Marchand and Thomas Davenport.

August 2004
The CAPCO Journal of Financial Transformation features the article, "Extracting the business value of IT: It is usage, not just deployment that counts!", by Dr. Donald A. Marchand.  The article highlights how business managers devote 90% of their time and attention to IT investments and deployment that only account for 25% of the business value of IT and further how, the residual business value of IT (75%) resides in increased usage of information and IT. It explains how seeing, measuring, and improving the information, people, and IT usage practices in a company impacts directly effective information and knowledge use and business performance.

July 2004
Gartner has featured the Information Orientation (IO) framework in its June 2004 EXP CIO Signature Report, From Value to Advantage: Exploiting Information.  Section 3 of the report, "Information Orientation: The gap between competitive value and competitive advantage", describes how values and beliefs, information management, and IT practices combine to make up Information Orientation and concludes that companies with high information orientation use information better.

June 2004
IMD, one of Europe's leading business schools, has published a new case documenting Citigroup's rapid business improvement in its CEEMEA Sales and Trading Unit using Information Orientation (IO).   ".....The unit’s business performance improved in a number of ways. Profit increased by 106% from 2000 to 2002....."  The IO Maturity of the Sales & Trading Unit was measured using the IO Diagnostic™* tool. The IO Mobilizer™* helped the team agree on an action plan to identify key initiatives to address weaknesses followed by the development and implementation of the IO Scorecard™* that continuously measures the effective use of information in an organization.

May 2004
A strategic alliance has been established with AUPEC Ltd., one of the world's foremost advisors in the energy field.  Based in Aberdeen, Scotland and with offices in Houston, Texas, AUPEC provides economic, benchmarking and financial consulting to governments and the oil and gas industry worldwide.

March 2004
The book Making the Invisible Visible–How Companies Win with the Right Information, People, and IT  by Donald A. Marchand, William J. Kettinger, and John D. Rollins has been published in Arabic by the Obeikan Group.

January 2004
Donald Marchand will keynote The 7th International Bielefeld Conference in Germany, February2-4, 2004. For information visit

December 2003
At the invitation of Cognos, a leading business intelligence (BI) and performance planning software company, Donald Marchand shared the podium with former General Electric chairman, Larry Bossidy at their executive forum held in Frankfurt, Germany.

September 2003
Donald Marchand and William Kettinger provided research presentations to the Society for Information Management's Advance Practices Council in Philadelphia, USA.

July 2003
In the July-August German edition of CIO Magazine Group CIO Peter Sany discussed the use of the Information Orientation (IO) model at Novartis.  The article "Klare Signale fürs Management", reviews the initial results for one management group in the global pharmaceutical company.

May 2003
The information Orientation (IO) framework was featured in an article on management innovation published on the Nikkei website in Japanese.

March 2003
Drs. Don Marchand, Bill Kettinger and Choong Lee keynoted IO World 2003 in Seoul, Korea co-sponsored by enterpriseIQ® and BuiltOne.  The seminar was attended by over 100 executives and was covered by the Korea Herald, a partner publication of the International Herald Tribune.  A second seminar was held for thirty members of Seoul's Young President's Organization (YPO).

January 2003
The Financial Times announced that its Mastering Leadership series that included Don Marchand's article, "On the Dark Side" on November 29, 2002 will be published in a book by Pearson Education in 2004.

December 2002
Donald Marchand keynoted the Online Information 2002 Conference held in London in December 2002.  The three day conference annually attracts between 900 - 1000 international information professionals, knowledge managers, IT professionals (including web, intranet and communications managers), publishers and senior end users of online information.  To view Dr. Marchand's presentation - Click here (805Kb - Requires Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® to view)

November 2002
Pearson Education has announced that Pearson Education (Singapore) Pte Ltd will publish an English reprint of the book Mastering Information Management edited by Donald A. Marchand and Thomas Davenport for resale in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Maldives.

October 2002
The Advanced Practices Council of the Society for Information Management (SIM) has announced it's selection of a new Project: How to Drive Value from I/T: Investigating Senior Executives' Perspectives.  The research will be conducted by enterpriseIQ® principals Dr. William J. Kettinger and Dr. Donald A. Marchand.

March 2002
Oxford University Press has announced that Information Orientation (IO): The Link to Business Performance by Donald A. Marchand, William J. Kettinger, and John D. Rollins will be published in paperback in May 2002.

February 2002
Pearson Education has announced that China Social Science Publishing House in Bijing has published a Chinese edition of Mastering Information Management edited by Donald A. Marchand and Thomas Davenport.

December 2001
Soundview Executive Book Summaries has featured Making the Invisible Visible–How Companies Win with the Right Information, People, and IT by Donald A. Marchand, William J. Kettinger, and John D. Rollins in its New and Noteworthy report which focuses on cutting-edge resources for today’s business leaders.

October 2001
getABSTRACT has rated Making the Invisible Visible–How Companies Win with the Right Information, People, and IT by Donald A. Marchand, William J. Kettinger, and John D. Rollins a score of 9 out of 10 in strategy applicability, with an overall score of 8 in topical value and innovation.

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