Making the Invisible Visible: How Companies Win with the Right Information, People and IT by Donald Marchand, William Kettinger and John Rollins.

April 2011
"This volume is a bit overly methodological, but still useful. It describes the concept of “information orientation” and how it produces better organizational performance. Based on a substantial research study, it’s undeniably formulaic. However, I believe the formula they advocate is right on, and any CIO would benefit from trying to apply it.”" The Wall Street Journal

July 2002
"This book presents a new way of seeing the business value of information, people and IT as well as a way of measuring and managing these capabilities in order to improve business performance.  Packaged with real world examples, the book presents the best and worst practices companies have implemented to address these issues.  Case studies from more than thirty international companies are strategically used throughout the book, including Banco Bilbao Vizcaya, Philips Business Electronics, Amazon, Dell Europe, Ernst & Young, General Electric, IKEA, Ritz Carlton Hotels, and Wal Mart.  This fascinating guide offers a diagnostic tool that senior managers can use to evaluate the three information capabilities of their company." Channel One

March 2002
"Provides a basis for translating business objectives into information objectives.... invaluable aid in getting a company to work through it's information environment" EContent Magazine

December 2001
"…Making the Invisible Visible uses clear logic and measurements to develop a comprehensive view of the role of information technology and management in creating successful businesses. The global reach of the study they use to create their strategies provides a multifaceted view of the integral role of information in modern businesses and demonstrates how they can succeed through better IT metrics and management." Soundview Executive Book Summaries

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August 2001
"Highly Recommended!... The authors present innovative answers to the perpetual question of how to quantify subjective measures... we found the book quite solid... and suggest it to all managers and executives involved with IT initiatives at large companies."

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June 2001
"…there is much to be gained from this book, which is enhanced by some excellent case studies and an annotated reading list that is valuable in its own right…. It will certainly give any information professional food for thought and action." Information World Review

May 2001
"…l'information est une ressource organisationnelle au même titre que les salariés, le capital ou la technologie.... cette analyse permet de conclure qu'à stratégie émergente donneé, la performance dépend d'une combinaison unique de facteurs stratégiques et avantages concurrentiels." Business Digest

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May 2001
"…this work does a lot to broaden the thinking of how IT needs to be deployed and provides the means by which levels of effectiveness can be gauged." Information Age

March 2001
"The objective of this book is managing information as a competitive advantage for the enterprise. If this idea sounds at first obvious, Marchand, Kettinger and Rollins demonstrate how far reality is. The strength of this study resides indeed in the multiple concrete case studies, examples of international enterprises which had or will have to face this challenge: to become communicating enterprises". Business Digest

February 2001
"This book is not about a new management fad or passing fashion. This book tracks winning companies in diverse industries globally pursuing a passion – yes, that's the right word - for managing how information and IT are effectively used by their people each day to create outstanding business value." Matti Alahuhta, President, NOKIA Mobile Phones

"The technology and processes to capture and analyze information are available to us all. However, this book vividly demonstrates the link between information capabilities and business performance, and provides valuable guidance to unlock the potential".John S. Boardman, CEO, Dubai Aluminium Company Ltd.

January 2001 Making the Invisible Visible: How Companies Win with the Right Information, People and IT by Donald Marchand, William Kettinger and John Rollins. "Managing knowledge in a company begins with using information effectively. This book helps senior managers to measure and manage their information, people and IT capabilities to create business value with information for innovation, growth and customer focus. A must read!" Dipak Rastogi, Executive VP, Emerging Markets, Citibank N.A.

"The philosophy and process of Information Orientation integrates all 'hard' and 'soft' factors of corporate behaviors with information management and IT practices. Information Orientation provides companies in the financial services industry with a great opportunity to transform their information delivery and use from an art form to a strong institutional discipline leading to improved business performance and competitive advantage for those companies that manage their information capabilities extremely well". Yury Zaytsev, Group Information Officer, Swiss Re

"Finally, a practical approach to the use of IT to manage information, that takes into account all the non-IT parts, the parts that really determine success or failure". Steen Riisgaard, Corporate Executive VP, Novozymes

Information Orientation: The Link to Business Performance: by Donald Marchand, William Kettinger and John Rollins.

December 2002
"Vitally important issues that are usefully explored.""
Long Range Planning

October 2002
"This book should be on the professional reading list of all IT managers, regardless of their technical domain.  It is especially applicable to CIOs and director-level IT managers.  The importance of this book to those audiences is the fact that achieving alignment is something that is much talked about, but rarely accomplished.  This book places the key issues in context and provides some sound advice."
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Competing with Information edited by Donald A. Marchand.

November 2002
"It is an excellent resource for the practitioner"
Roland Buresund

 October 2002
"The amount of expertise packed into this book is quite extraordinary, and yet it is very readable.  I recommend you buy as many copies as you have senior managers because reading this book and putting in effect the advice of its authors will have a very positive effect on the performance of your organization."
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March 2002
"Contains some qualitative benchmarks against which companies could assess their information management competencies, and very readable" EContent Magazine

July 2001
"Plenty of sound material, well argued" Long Range Planning

September 2000
"I have been reading a great book … about creating business value with information content." Information World Review

July 2000
"… a useful handbook for anyone utterly confused by or just interested in getting to grips with the whole area of information and knowledge management—particularly if it is related to the emerging world of eCommerce or eBusiness." Sunday Business Post

Academic Journals

Fall 2000 Sloan Management Review.
Letters to the Editor, Sloan Management Review, October 2000

"What Marchand, Kettinger, and Rollins provide to us is a thorough process integrating the components necessary to survive in the Net-economy. The three information capabilities have to connect and integrate … like team members in a project."
Frederic Wohlwend, VP – IT, Serono International

"Information Orientation encapsulates what every CEO and CIO wrestle with: How to get more out of information from inside and outside the organization, and how to use it for the benefit of the stakeholders, the customers, employees and shareholders…what it takes to make a company 'information smart'. IO is an excellent description of the capabilities needed to reach this goal". Niklaus Meyer, Head of Corporate IT, Zurich Financial Services.




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