Competing with Information

In today's turbulent business environment, information – whether about customers, competitors or costs – is the key to achieving competitive advantage. Over the last two decades companies have invested colossal sums in IT expecting to exploit the power of information. Yet all too often this investment has been a cost with no clear, quantifiable payback. Worse still, many investments need an expensive infrastructure: a permanent fixed cost without a directly accountable contribution to the bottom line.

Information Orientation (IO) measures how effectively a company manages information, people and technology. Companies that improve their Information Orientation (IO), improve their bottom line. With a sound foundation in rigorous, published research at IMD, one of the world’s leading business schools, enterpriseIQ® products have proven effectiveness and can help your business achieve improvements in bottom line performance.

enterpriseIQ® products enable you to see, measure and manage the use of information and knowledge in your organization. Our proven products, based on the framework of information orientation, help businesses to drive efficiency and increase competitiveness.

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