enterpriseIQ® was founded in December 2000 by Dr. Donald A. Marchand, Professor of Strategy Execution and Information Management at IMD International, one of Europe's leading business school. Dr. Marchand is one of the world's foremost authorities on the effective use of knowledge and information in driving superior business performance. It was Dr. Marchand's leadership and expertise that led to the discovery of the Information Orientation metric, in collaboration with Dr.William J. Kettinger

Founded after four years of research conducted at IMD International, enterpriseIQ® is the first to scientifically validate a link between business performance and companies' management and use of people, information and technology. Our products are the result of an international research effort involving over 1,200 senior managers in more than 100 companies, 26 industries and nearly 40 countries.

Benchmarked against our dynamic corporate database, companies find out how effectively their information and technology are managed, and how well their people use information to achieve strategic goals and superior business results. Clients improve their information capabilities and overall business effectiveness using our proprietary tools and products that are linked to bottom line performance improvements.

Research results have been published in leading business journals, such as the Sloan Management Review, and in books published by Oxford University Press (February 2001) and John Wiley & Sons (May 2001).

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