Information Orientation (IO): The Proven Link to Business Performance

"A critical issue faced by organizations in these difficult times is how to leverage and manage the three most important, expensive and decisive resources: people, technology and information. 

The Information Orientation (IO) metric is the first and only business tool to measure these resources with a proven link to superior business performance." 

Dr. Donald A. Marchand, Professor of Strategy and Information Management at IMD International and Chairman of enterpriseIQ®

Consider how much money your company has spent on technology and information management in the last five years, and answer the following key questions:

Are your investments in people, information and IT measurably improving your bottom line?

Are information and knowledge in your organization being used effectively to drive performance?

Are you certain that your CRM, ERP or other information-based initiatives are creating the maximum value for your business?

Are you building excellent information capabilities to grow and win?

At enterpriseIQ® we work with businesses to provide the answers to these questions.

Information Orientation (IO) measures how effectively a company manages information, people and technology.  Information Orientation (IO) helps managers to understand and manage:

IT practices – the technical component of a company's information use. This is the capability to manage investments in the IT hardware, software and networks that support operations, business processes, innovation and decision-making.

Information management practices – a company's ability to recognize and sense information of commercial value. Collecting, organizing, processing and maintaining information are decisive in achieving success.

Information behaviours and values – the human element is present in all three capabilities, but of particular significance is the extent to which a company's organizational culture encourages managers and employees to use and share information to carry out their work.


The Information Orientation Maturity Model operationalizes the practices and people behaviors that a company’s managers & people must have to use information, their knowledge and IT to achieve.


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